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Current Research Projects

New Project TIN2014-54806-R

Our Project “Development of Adaptive and Bioinspired Systems for Glycemic Control using Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus” has been granted for the next 3 years by the Spanish Goverment. April 16th, 2015. More Info

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glUCModel is a web application, available in internet with a double purpose: improving the control of diabetes and helping both diabetics and physicians to manage the disease. The requirement was to make glUCModel multi-platform, so that the type of device was not a restriction. To this end, we have tested it in several devices, like smartphones, tablets, laptops or personal computers with different operating systems (Windows, GNU/Linux, iOS), and with different web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari). glUCModel is composed of five different modules, that is, a data interface, a database, and the three novel contributions in this field: a recommender system, an e-learning course and the glucose model:

  1. Data interface: It is the core module of the application, connecting all the modules. It is used to allow diabetics to query and update all necessary data for the control of their illness. On the other hand, physicians can track the evolution of the patient.
  2. Database: In the database glUCModel stores the information about users (patients and physicians), medical tests and diabetic measurements (glycemias, sport activities, food intakes, etc.). Furthermore, the recommender system and the e-learning course also store this data here.
  3. glUCModel Recommender System (g-RS): The function of g-RS is to evaluate the patient data. With this information, the system creates suggestions about how the diabetic can improve his control about the diabetes and what habits he should modify to improve his quality of life. g-RS includes an Inbox, where the patient receives recommendations in an e-mail message format.
  4. E-learning module: A virtual e-learning space where the patient has all the necessary information about diabetes. In this environment, there are documents with theoretical concepts to resolve the patient doubts. It also presents several tools to help on the education, like tests, calendar, forum and glossary.
  5. Glucose model module: Supported by evolutionary computation techniques, this module obtains a customized model the each patient’s glucose blood levels using the information available in the database.

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