WPABA 2011 - Call for Papers

This fourth workshop on Parallel Architectures and Bioinspired Algorithms (WPABA) follows the success of the three previous workshops held in conjunction with PACT 2008 in Toronto, Canada, PACT 2009 in Raleigh, USA, and PACT 2010 in Vienna, Austria and the two previous Workshops on Parallel Bioinspired Algorithms (WPBA) held in Oslo, 2005, (together with IEEE ICPP) and London, 2007 (together with ACM Gecco 2007). On previous editions it was proved that knowledge fields like Parallel Computer Architectures, Parallel and Distributed Computing and Bioinspired Algorithms, many different in a first approach, are able to find transversal elements that enrich them. Therefore, the aim of this fourth workshop is to support any proposal that traverses these fields. Bioinspired Algorithms comprise a set of heuristics that can help to optimize a wide range of problems. Among them, many tasks that parallel architecture designers develop may be optimized. Examples are: balancing computer load, fault-tolerance and dependability, thermal-aware design and NoC design. In addition, Bioinspired Algorithms may help finding solutions regarding compilation and resource sharing issues, which are interesting problems for parallel architectures. Parallel architecture designers may also propose infrastructures that allow the increase of computing performance of Bioinspired Algorithms, which usually face real-world problems that manage huge amounts of data. Alternatives to the classical sequential solution are needed by this community. Therefore, topics like P2P, cluster and grid computing, cloud computing, GPUs implementation of Bioinspired Algorithms are very interesting to this field. Thus, these knowledge areas will obtain interesting benefits of sharing ideas, experiences, discuss challenges and analyze the current research in this workshop on Parallel Architectures and Bioinspired Algorithms. Past experiences showed that the participants were very satisfied with this exchange.

The topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Evolutionary Algorithms for Parallel Computer Architectures optimization.
  • Computer Architecture optimizations using other biologically inspired algorithms: Ant Colonies, Immune Systems, Artificial Life, Cultural Algorithms, etc…
  • Cluster and Grid Deployment of Bioinspired Algorithms.
  • Desktop Grids infrastructures for supporting Bioinspired Algorithms.
  • Large Scale Parallel Processing.
  • Heterogeneous Computing Platforms for Bioinspired Algorithms.
  • Improvement on scheduling techniques by means of Bioinspired Algorithms.
  • Fault tolerant implementations of PEAs.
  • Performance evaluation of PEAs.
  • Improvement in system performance through optimization and tuning.
  • Parallel Reconfigurable Architectures for Bioinspired Algorithms.
  • Graphics processing units and Evolutionary Algorithms.
  • Profiting from Cloud infrastructure when running Bioinspired Algorithms.

As in past editions of the workshop, papers will be double blinded reviewed by an international scientific committee. Accepted papers will be published in separated proceedings handed out during the workshop and selected papers in an extended version on a special issue of Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience. Selected papers of previous editions of the workshops were published in Special Issues of the following Journals: Springer Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (1st WPBA), Elsevier Soft Computing (2nd WPBA and 3rd WPABA), International Journal of High Performance System Architectures (1st WPABA), Elsevier Parallel Computing (2nd WPABA Algorithms).

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