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 ====== Current Research Projects ======  ====== Current Research Projects ====== 
 +===== Project Y2018/NMT-4668 (Micro-Stress- MAP-CM) ====== 
 +Absys has been granted by Community of Madrid Regional Government for the next three years with the project “Determination of microscopic residual stresses using diffraction methods, EBSD maps, and evolutionary algorithms” under the call synergistic R&D projects in new and emerging scientific areas at the frontier of science and of an interdisciplinary nature, co-financed by the Operational Programmes of the European Social Fund and the European Development Regional Fund , 2014-2020, of the Community of Madrid. This project will be developed in collaboration with CENIM. [[ Sinergico CNIM | More Info ]]
 ===== GenObIA­-CM====== ===== GenObIA­-CM======
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