• 3D Floorplanning benchmarks (48, 64 and 128 cores): 3D Floorplans using heterogeneous architecture. These benchmarks are based on the Niagara floorplan, using Power6 and ARM cores in a proportion of 3/1. All the coordinates (X,Y,Z) and limits (l, w, h per block, Length, Width and NumLayers for the 3D stack) are expressed in number of simulation cells. A simulation cell has a volume of 300^3 um. Finally, dp is the power density of the block. download.
  • GluControl: A tool developed by Rafael Hernández de Diego, Francisco Martínez Jiménez and Javier Rocamora González. It has been designed for diabetes mellitus management and control. All the data are stored in a remote database (Google Health in this case).
  • DmmExplorer + GrammarGenerator: DMM optimization strategy, a tool to find an optimal Dynamic Memory Manager (a profiling report is needed) - download
  • JECO: A Java Evolutionary COmputation library - link
  • xDEVS: DEVS-based Modeling and Simulation (M&S) library in Java - link
  • DEVS.NET: DEVS-based Modeling and Simulation (M&S) library in .NET - link
  • Profile Analyzer: A specific-purpose software tool developed to extract relevant information from profiling reports when optimizing dynamic data types in embedded systems. It includes an example of profiling report More info. Download [win32-binary, 16 MB].
    • DEVS/SOA (Java): Developed with the University of Arizona (Arizona Center of Integrative Modeling and Simulation - ACIMS) and the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (Departamento de Informática y Automática - DIA) : binaries - documentation.
    • DEVS/SOA (.NET): There is not a version available for public use yet.
    • You can see here a video-demo about interoperability between three different DEVS platforms (DEVSJAVA, xDEVS and DEVS.NET) under DEVS/SOA - here
    • Another video showing interoperability using DEVS/SOA - xDEVS - MatLab here
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