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Last Journal papers of the Group


  • (October 4th 2016) – New paper accepted. A hybrid automated trading system based on multi.objective grammatical evolution. Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems
  • (April 18th 2016) Francisco Fernández-de-Vega visited us and gave a nice talk about Automatic Generation of Video games contents using Genetic Programming.
  • (March 2nd-3rd 2016) Ignacio Hidalgo has visited Professors Rafael Villanueva, Juan-Carlos Cortés, at the Instituto de Matématica Multidisciplinar of the Technical University of Valencia for working on the identification of parameters of Therapeutic models for Diabetics
  • (Feb 1st_2nd 2016) Thanks to Professor Sthephan Winkler, Almudena Sánchez-Sánchez Ph.D and Esther Maqueda M.D.for the great workshop at ABSYs
  • (Jan 4th 2016) Our Paper “Compilable phenotypes: Accelerating the evaluation of individuals in Grammatical Evolution”, submitted to EvoAPP 2016, has been accepted for inclusion in the proceedings. The work has been selected for an interactive oral presentation
  • (Dec 1st 2015) New paper available on-line: Using Evolutionary Algorithms to determine the residual stress profile across welds of age-hardenable aluminum alloys. J.I. Hidalgo, F. Cioffi, J.M. Colmenar, R. Fernández, J.L. Risco, G. González-Doncel Applied Soft Computing Journal
  • (Sep 15th 2015) New paper available on-line: Modeling and predicting the Spanish Bachillerato academic results over the next few years using a random network model. J.C. Cortés, J.M. Colmenar, , J.I. Hidalgo, A. Sánchez-Sánchez, F.J. Santonja, R.J. Villanueva Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications
  • (July 17th 2015) Thermal-aware floorplanner for 3D IC, including TSVs, liquid microchannels and thermal domains optimization. David Cuesta, José L. Risco-Martín, José L. Ayala, J. Ignacio Hidalgo Applied Soft Computing
  • Our Project “Development of Adaptive and Bioinspired Systems for Glycemic Control using Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitors in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus” has been granted for the next 3 years by the Spanish Goverment. April 16th, 2015.
  • Iván Contreras Ph.D from MICELab group of the Universitat de Girona (Spain) will visit us from April 7th to April 10th 2015 and will give us a talk titled “Diabetes: Hidden Patterns in Time Series. (Diabetes: Patrones ocultos en series temporales).
  • Ignacio Hidalgo has visited Instituto de Matématica Multidisciplinar of the Technical University of Valencia for giving a talk on Multi-Objective Optimization with Evolutionary Algorithms on March 31st 2015.
  • Our group is organizing the seminar “Brief Introduction to R” to be held during the “Semana de la Informática” at the Computer Science School. April 8th, 2015
  • New paper available on-line: Optimizing L1 cache for embedded systems through grammatical evolution. Josefa Díaz Álvarez, J. Manuel Colmenar, José L. Risco-Martín, Juan Lanchares, Oscar Garnica. Soft Computing
  • Professors Rafael Villanueva, Juan-Carlos Cortés, Francisco Santonja and Almudena Sánchez from the Instituto de Matématica Multidisciplinar of the Technical University of Valencia have visited us on a Workshop on Probabilistic Fitting on 29th and 30th January 2015.

Goals and Background of the Group

The objectives of our research group is the design and implementation of Adaptive and Bioinspired Systems to solve optimization and modelling problems. In the past we worked in the application of ideas taken from parallel, cluster and grid computing to algorithms inspired by nature and the application of Bioinspired Algorithm for solving optimization problems with special emphasis on parallel architectures and embedded systems optimization problems.

In particular, we have been developing our research in the following subjects:

Other Collaborations

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